Unable to download data to SMART Mobile

Hello !

I have noticed a very big problem with my SMART Mobile.
We are conducting a wildlife inventory of the Ndoki-likouala landscape in northern Congo.
We are using SMART Mobile 385 and SMART 7.4.
The SMART configurable model and application was loaded on the devices from my computer, and the download was also on my computer.
When the teams returned from the field, I started importing data through SMART Mobile, but it doesn’t work.
It shows me warning and error messages.
So when I download the data, it’s only a part of it that arrives. I lose the maximum amount of data collected in the field.
We use Blackview BV5500 plus, BV9500 and Ulefone AW3 devices.
In the case of the BV5500 plus devices, the data exists in the device, but can not be downloaded.
For the BV9500 and Ulefon AW3 devices, no data is present in the device, yet the data collection was well done in the field.

I need some help.

Thank you !!!



I am experiencing the same issue with my BV 5500 series. Did you ever find a solution?

Hi, I am planning to buy Blackview BV9500 device. Did you find a solution, and could work with this device?

Hello !

The problem has been solved, in the new version SMART 7.5.6.

In our conservation sites, SMART mobile works very well on both types of mobile devices (BV5500 and BV 9500).

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Thank you for your update @Vigny.M

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