Unable to execute data model queries in CCAA


I have problems with my CCAA, which prevents me from working and generating results from the queries.

I am using 9 conservation areas for my analyses crossed with the CCAA at the national level. The 9 conservation areas have uniform and almost identical data models.
Usually this works very well, without error messages.

But, since a few days, I am confronted with a problem with my CCAA, which prevents me from working.
When I start the CCAA and choose the conservation areas of my system that I want to cross, the process of merging the attributes starts but stops in the middle of the way, it displays an error message saying that there are indicators that have occurred, which I do not understand.
After this error message, I notice that, at first, when I edit an observation or summary query, in the data model filters there are no categories and attributes displayed.
So, I can’t create a query from the data model filters.
In a second time, after some attempts on modifying the list of conservation areas to be displayed, there are only the attributes of the data model that are displayed but in the categories it is empty and there is nothing.

However, when I select only a few of these usual storage areas of my work on my system (7/9 or 8/9), everything works correctly again.

When I log into each storage area individually, everything works fine, queries and reports run without errors. No particular manipulation has been done on the data models of these conservation areas, which could have consequences on the CCAA.

Do you have an idea?

Erro log CCAA Congo.txt (56.9 KB)

Hello Vigny,
Are you able to determine if the issue is related to a particular CA in the CCAA by including or excluding different combinations of CAs? It would be helpful to determine whether the issue is related to the data from one particular CA or if it’s an issue with the number of CAs/amount of data being processed. I didn’t see anything in the error log that indicates what the specific problem is, but I’ll escalate this to see if we can find the root cause.

Hello Vigny,
The developers reported that it looks like there are a number of issues loading the data models for one or more of the CAs. It’s difficult to tell what the issue might be without the data. Would it be possible to share a backup of your system with me and the developers? You can send it to matt.hron@wildlifeprotectionsolutions.org

To help isolate the issue I would suggest to backup/export all your CAs, then remove them one by one, testing the full CCAA types queries after removing each one and that might help track down which CA is causing the issue. Then you could more closely look at that model and see if there are any problems or reload a backup of that CA from before the problem started.

Hello Matt

I’m here to send you my SMART System by email.