Unable to export Smart Mobile package to device

Smart Mobile version SMK-build-385.apk
Mobile device Onn tablet

I had created a configurable model on my PC and successfully installed and used it on the Onn tablet. I was teaching someone else how to install Smart and Smart mobile, gave them the same Conservation Area and same tablet (after deleting the Smart Mobile app, and all associated files and folders). They were able to install Smart Mobile on the tablet, but when they went to send the exact same Smart Mobile package to the tablet, they kept getting this error:

The system cannot find the path specified.

Smart folder was on the desktop. We re-extracted Smart to a folder on the C:/ drive and reinstalled the Conservation Area, and had the same problem.

Hello Terry,
I’m not sure what causes this issue, but I’ve been able to work around it in the past by navigating to that folder (C:\Smart 6.3.0.\data\filestore) and manually creating the ‘tempfiles’ folder in that directory. It should then be able to save the .zip file in that folder. Let me know if that doesn’t solve the problem for you.


Thanks Matt,

We’ll try that. I think it’s also related to the location path for the Documents folder on each computer. They are forcing Smart and Cybertracker to save in locations that don’t exist.

If I fix it I will post on my Community Thread.

Thanks again for your quick response!

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my problem is on connecting the two the smart desktop app projects and the smart mobile application i have beeen trying

Hello Solomon,
Can you elaborate on the specific problems you’re encountering? I recommend referencing the Field Data Collection using SMART Mobile manual. It outlines how to load your configurable model on the device starting on page 25, and instructions for how to import the data from your mobile device into your SMART desktop start on page 45. Please let me know how I can help.