Unable to receive data through SMART Connect

Hi everyone,

I am having a challenge with some of my devices in the field. They are set to share data once they have network coverage via SMART Connect. The people in the field are exporting the data after collecting but nothing in coming through not even in data queue section. What is confusing is that two of the five phones are working well. Please note these phones have the same patrol package, same connect address to share data. The people have the same network coverage. I am not receiving an error or anything but it simply is not coming through. SMART mobile version 434 and SMART desktop 7.5.6, all devices are BV9500 Plus.

Kindly assist,

Hi Rumbi,

SMART Mobile does not automatically send data when the device comes back into network range. Could you try closing and restarting it?

When you look in the sighting history, do the individual incidents have a cloud icon next to them?

If you send me a bug report from one of the devices which is not sending data, I may be able to diagnose the issue. Here are the instructions:
Troubleshooting | CyberTracker Wiki


Hi Justin,

Thanks for the response. I ended up figuring out the mistake I was making. I had everything set in the configurable model. The issue was with the patrol package settings. Under the connect setting of the package I had not checked the data upload section. So even my incidents in the history section were not having the cloud icon. So I just checked the setting allowing it to upload after 20 mins and its now working. Thanks again.