Unable to restore my backup


I just installed SMART 7 in my computer and tried to restore my backup. However, I got a message saying the selected backup file is not compatible with the version of smart you are running. Do you want upgrade or store the file. and the attached

Hello Catherine,
This is the expected behavior for upgrading SMART to a new version. The data you have in your backup from the older version of SMART needs to be upgraded to be compatible with the new version, including the plugins. Are you running into any issues in upgrading your backup?

Hello Matt Hron,
I have managed to restore back-up but i cannot see the patrols

Hello Catherine,
The Patrols view displays patrols from the past 30 days by default, so one thing you can look at is changing the filter to Include All Dates:

One other thing that could be causing confusion is that there isn’t any grouping used in the Patrol view by default, so it might display ‘’ for the folder name, but if you see the arrow next to it you can expand that folder to see the patrols below it. You can also click the folder icon to change the grouping of patrols.


Let me know if you’re still unable to view the expected patrols.