Unable to Sync with Connect due to new plugins required

Hi all. I’m having the following problem.
Suddenly when trying to synchronize with Connect, an error message appears which states that Connect has X plugin installed and Desktop does not, so it needs to be installed on Desktop in order to be able to Synchronize.
First it was Entities, which we don’t use, but I installed anyway.
Then it was R, which we also don’t use, but I installed again.
Now it’s asking for “org.wcs.smart.asset.query”, and I don’t know which plugin it is.


  1. why is Connect suddenly asking for plugins we do not use?
  2. How can I uninstal said plugins from Connect?
  3. What is “org.wcs.smart.asset.query”, to maybe just install it and move on?

Thanks a lot. I’ll leave a screen print and the error log.

smart connect error log.txt (1.1 MB)

@jcuhna First thought would be that someone using the same CA has installed all SMART plugins on their local instance and then synced with connect, establishing connections for those plugins in the database on the server. Try installing all plugins and then retrying your sync.

It did work, though it still seems odd, since I am the only one using the CA.
Now can I uninstall the plugins I don’t use?

@jcuhna You can uninstall plugins, but you can’t do so when CAs are on connect (for exactly the issue you’re having). I’d suggest either leaving the plugins installed - there’s likely little chance it will impact your database in any negative way. If you have to install them, you’ll have to take the CA off of connect and then uninstall plugins and reupload to Connect. Instructions attached.

How to uninstall SMART Plugins.pdf (141.7 KB)

Okay, thanks a lot!
Marked as solution.