Upgrade Version, Restore Areas, Problems with account

Hi everybody.
Hello, I am handling 5 conservation areas in Cusco, migrating from Smart 6 to Smart 7, Each C.A. has its own Admin, bud they are no longer in charge, all the admin privileges are up to me. The former admins send me their Smart 6 backup files, I tried to do this: Create a Update/Restore an Area. This creates the Area, but deletes previous ones; So in other instance I create an auxiliar folder with Smart7 where I Update/Restore the Area and then, logging into it, I Export the Area to a ZIP file, then when I Try to Import this area to my Main Smart7 am error of overwriting the Area appears. The trouble is: I can´t delete the previous area because the I don´t have the admin privileges to login this area, only as a data entry user. How can I Delete the old Area? I need to preserve the name.

Hi Adolfo,

You’re on the right track. The warning appears no matter what the contents of the SMART 7 software is. By default, once downloaded, it is only contains an example CA, so overwriting this shouldn’t be an issue.

The process would have been simpler if the previous admins simply exported the CA and did not create the full system back ups but…

If you have CAs from SMART 6 contained in 5 different full system backup files, the quickest mechanism to get all of these upgraded in a single SMART 7 installation would be the following:

  1. If you have an existing SMART 6 instance, log into one of your CAs, and perform a full system back up. Save this to a secure location.
  2. If any of the CAs you want to upgrade are contained in this instance, select the option to “export conservation area” and save this to a new folder.
  3. Using SMART 6, in the advanced menu, use the upgrade and / or restore a backup option to import one of the 5 back up files
  4. Once restored, login, use the option to “export conservation area” and save to the new folder created in step 2.
  5. Repeat this process for the other 4 back up files
  6. Use the advanced menu to import the CAs one by one so you have all 5 CAs in one copy of SMART 6
  7. Perform a full system back up
  8. Open SMART 7
  9. Upgrade / restore a backup and select NO when asked if you want to create a backup, then import the full system backup file you exported in step 7.
  10. Done.



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