Upgrading Versions

Hi. I am currently using SMART version 4.6 and I want to upgrade the current version to latest version 7.5.7 directly from old ones. Using system backup of old ones and following “Advanced”-" Upgrade/ Restore backup" in version 7.5.7 does not work. How can I do this?

Hi Nyein,

Could you please verify what version of SMART you are using?

If you are using an older version of SMART 7, you can upgrade in 2 ways:
The first:
Navigate to “File” → “Check for updates”. This will download the latest version.

The second:
Download SMART from the website.

  1. In the current SMART version, back up all your CAs by navigating to “File” → “Backup system”.
  2. Once this is done, in the unzipped folder, run SMART by clicking on the SMART.exe file.
  3. Use the username smart and password smart to log in.
  4. Install plug-ins and once complete navigate to “File” → “Logout” to return to the login page
  5. On the login page, click “Advanced” then “Upgrade and/or Restore a backup”. Locate the database you recently backed up from the older SMART desktop version to begin the backup.
  6. Once this is done, your upgrade will have been completed.

Could you also please share a snapshot of the errors you get when you attempt to upgrade?



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I think SMART Ver 4 was made 7 or 8 years ago, so I’m glad it is still working for you, sort of impressive! But I vaguely recall the upgrade process might not possible directly from SMART 4 → SMART 7, I honestly don’t remember because it’s been so long now.

Definitely there was no “check for updates” button in SMART 4 , I know that!

If the second option above doesn’t work for you with SMART 7, I would suggest downloading SMART 5 (smart.5.0.4.win64.zip - Google Drive) and doing the upgrade with that, then upgrade again by backing up the Ver5 and importing it into Version 7. That might be more likely to work.


Thanks a lot for your response.
I am using version 4.6. No error prompt was not found but my CA does not appear in new version.
I will try as you suggested by mitigating versions one by one.
That sounds possible. Right.

Yes, I know we changed a number of things about the upgrade process in SMART 5, so my best guess is the problem is you can’t go from 4->6 directly, so try out SMART 5 first for sure. Then either A) go to straight to 7, or B) go to version 6 and then version 7 in turn. I suspect A) should work, but B) is a good backup plan if it doesn’t!

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Yes I found that works.
Successfully migrated to version 7.
Thanks a lot.