Using AI to get help using SMART

Manuals etc are great, but sometimes we just want to ask “How do I do …”

Eric @ WPS has been doing some piloting of feeding ChatGPT the SMART Manuals and asking for guidance.

The good news is that Microsoft’s Copilot now allows anyone to ask a question about how to use SMART.

For example, if you go to copilot and ask “In SMART how do I create a patrol?” it will suggest the steps.

Unfortunately, you won’t always get the correct answer e.g. I asked how to add a map to a report and it incorrectly suggested I needed Connect!

As SMART is commonly used word, if your query isn’t clearly about our tool, you might need to quality your request, e.g. "In the SMART conservation tool, how do I… " or "In SMART conservation tools , how do I… "

Please give it a go and share here:

  • Any examples where you were impressed with copilot
  • Any examples where copilot clearly failed - we can use to explore how we better write our technical material and/or train AI tools like copilot.

Please add to this post any examples


I saw at the Microsoft AI tour last week in SF copilot stuff where one can upload one’s document into a workspace for ‘custom copilots’, and it will get chunked and vector indexed and using in a RAG (retrieval augmented generation) … otherwise one can do this kinda stuff on a server somewhere with Python and Chroma DB as per:

might be an interesting student project

Hi all. I have just tried a few questions in Copilot and the answers I got for all three questions (which were all totally unrelated and I tried to cover different aspects within SMART) all answered with pretty much the same answer … telling me in which Manual I must look to find the answer :slight_smile:
The questions I asked were:

  1. How do I set my map projections in Smart Conservation Tools to Universal degrees and minutes
  2. How do I develop a new profile in Smart Conservation Tools
  3. How do I create line spacing in my report in Smart Conservation Tools

Below I am including screen grabs of the replies given - the answers to questions 1 and 3 were pretty much identical :face_with_spiral_eyes: