We are getting different patrol reports as smart uses

Hello guys,
we are currently using SMART 6 rolling to SMART 7 in a few weeks time but then for quite some time i and my partner are getting different patrols first both of us were using individual accounts but realized that every time either logged in to smart we would end up with different patrols,then decided to use one account on different laptops but still the issue persist, Kindly help

Hello Truphena,
How are you sharing information between the two laptops? With SMART Desktop, all of your configuration and data will be specific to the laptop it’s on unless you do one of the following:

  • Use SMART Connect to sync data between the two laptops
  • Manually export data from one laptop and import it on the other

Either way, it’s important to have a clear process for data entry, sharing, and reconciliation when using SMART across multiple desktops to ensure the data are complete and avoid conflicts. When possible, I recommend using a single desktop for data entry so you have a single source of truth, and you can then distribute the information to other laptops from there.

Hey Matt,
Thanks for the Reply,Will try again using smart connect,well am hoping smart 7 features will make sure that such inconveniences wouldn’t be exeprienced.

Hello Matt,
so kindly help, i have transitioned to SMART 7 and my patrols are coming in duplicated could there be an access point that i would have touched by mistake?

Could you share some screenshots/error logs to better understand the issue, please?


hello Drew,
so as you can see via attachment, the incoming patrol id 00943 are not coming in as per sequence i have to manually change the IDs to 00943,00944,00955 and so forth,i have tried to configure my settings to automatically have the ids come in as sequence but still…so yes your help will be highly appreciated.thanks

Hi @truphena

To better answer this, it would be good to see exactly how you set up your “ID Pattern Definitions” in the “ID Patterns Definitions” under “File”->“System Preferences”.

What it looks like to me is that you haven’t configured those - or at least haven’t configured those to behave like you’d like.

You can see how to do this on pp. 277-279 of the technical training manual here: SMART 7 Technical Training Manual_ENGLISH.pdf - Google Drive

Again, based on your screenshot, it looks like, based on the configuration for naming your patrols, there were three patrols that had the same attributes. And since they were the same (and SMART was making them unique), you ended up with the “-001”, “-002”, “-003”, which smart uses to make patrols “unique”.

I’d suggest revisiting the configuration of your patrols IDs to ensure that you wouldn’t end up with duplicates. For example, see the attached screenshot. In this case, a patrol from today with me as leader would be “GGNP-Cronin-20230420”. If I do a patrol tomorrow, it would be “GGNP-Cronin-20230421”.

However, if I lead TWO separate patrols tomorrow, SMART would name them “GGNP-Cronin-20230421-001” and “GGNP-Cronin-20230421-002”. This is because I selected “Make Unique” AND the config for my naming was only leader’s family name + year/month/date.

If you want to be more prescribed, you can further avoid duplicate patrol IDs and the requirement to “make unique”. For example, if I added hours/minutes/seconds to the name (“GGNP-{leader.family}-{Y}{M}{D}{h}{m}{s}”), it would be very unlikely that 2 patrols would be led by me and start at the exact same second …

Hope this helps!

hey Drew,
that’s how I have set my id pattern definitions so as you are saying I will put it as conservation area-Year.Month .date ? so it reads as 00493 00494 etc

Yes - assuming your CA is “Laikipia”?

You should think about using one of the following options, which I’ve demonstrated below with theoretical sample patrols.

  • Patrol 1: Conducted on 20 April 2023 by patrol leader Drew Cronin beginning at 08:00
  • Patrol 2: Conducted on 20 April 2023 by patrol leader Matt Hron beginning at 10:00
  • Patrol 3: Conducted on 20 April 2023 by patrol leader Drew Cronin beginning at 15:00

  • Pattern 1: "Laikipia-{Y}{M}{D}" + Check the box for "Make Unique" + Unique Pattern: "-{000}"
    1. Patrol 1 = Laikipia-20230420-001
      Patrol 2= Laikipia-20230420-002
      Patrol 3= Laikipia-20230420-003
  • Pattern 2: "Laikipia-{leader.family}-{Y}{M}{D}" + Check the box for "Make Unique" + Unique Pattern: "-{000}"
    1. Patrol 1 = Laikipia-Cronin-20230420-001
      Patrol 2= Laikipia-Hron-20230420
      Patrol 3= Laikipia-Cronin-20230420-002

    *Note that since Drew Cronin led two patrols on the same day, it would add the unique numbers to it.

  • Pattern 3: "Laikipia-" + Check the box for "Make Unique" + Unique Pattern: "-{00000}"
    1. Patrol 1 = Laikipia-00001
      Patrol 2= Laikipia-00002
      Patrol 3= Laikipia-00003

    Since you’ve just specified the CA name, then all the following patrols should be sequential after that. I think this is what you are looking for.

    NOTE: 1) I added two extra places to the make unique feature which should account for years of patrols (e.g., when you roll over into 4 digits) and 2) I haven’t tested pattern 3, but this is my understanding of how it should work based on other use cases.

    Please report back what works!

    Hello Drew,
    concerning this topic i am still inputting this manually so eg instead of it automatically reading -002704 then -002705 and so forth it will read -000001 -000002 so forth

    patrol ID pattern reads -{000}as you showed be