What are the new features in SMART 7?

We continue to improve our tools to support our users globally. As part of the process, SMART’s latest upgrade - SMART 7 brings a number of key innovations to users, including a suite of exciting new functionalities.

SMART 7 has an improved User Interface, including over 1,000 new icons covering different attributes from wildlife to a range of different activities.

SMART 7 enhances data collection with SMART Mobile - our data collection tool designed specifically for use with SMART. SMART Mobile is now available for iOS users with SMART Connect and comes with additional navigation features such as go-to and a new statistics page that shows your patrol progress. Further customize how you record information by adding images and audio files and labeling your waypoints and QR code support.

For a full list of SMART 7 features, please see SMART 7 Features release


Awesome excited for this!

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When is the SMART 7 going be officially released please?

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Hello Michael,
The most recent version of SMART 7 is currently in testing. You can check on the updated timelines and information here:


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