Where can i find Data Model XML for training

Hie all,
I am running SMART for the first time and I am still going through the manual and following training steps.

one of the first steps under Defining Data Model says “In the Module 1 support files folder on your USB key or in the files you downloaded from the website select datamodel.xml”

my question is in the folder named Module 1 there is no file “datamodel.xml” what can I do to get this? where can i get this please.

thank you


From the website under resources, select “SMART Manuals”. Then select “SMART 7 Manual and training files”. This will lead you to the Google Drive location. In the drive navigate to “Training File” → “Module 1”. This is where you will find the training file for the same module. The folder content can be seen in the image below:

If you can’t still access the folder, follow this link.