Where can i find Data Model XML for training

Hie all,
I am running SMART for the first time and I am still going through the manual and following training steps.

one of the first steps under Defining Data Model says “In the Module 1 support files folder on your USB key or in the files you downloaded from the website select datamodel.xml”

my question is in the folder named Module 1 there is no file “datamodel.xml” what can I do to get this? where can i get this please.

thank you


From the website under resources, select “SMART Manuals”. Then select “SMART 7 Manual and training files”. This will lead you to the Google Drive location. In the drive navigate to “Training File” → “Module 1”. This is where you will find the training file for the same module. The folder content can be seen in the image below:

If you can’t still access the folder, follow this link.



Double-check the documentation or instructions provided in the training material. Ensure that you are looking in the correct location and that the file is indeed supposed to be present in the Module 1 support files folder. If you cannot find the file, reach out to the support team or your instructor for assistance. They may be able to provide guidance on where to find the missing file or if there’s an alternative file to use.