Which SMART function for Decimal number to duration

Hi all,
I want to transform a decimal number into hourly duration. (e.g : 1.5 = 1h30mn) . Which function should I use? this is a decimal number obtained from a table that we wish to display in a report
Many thanks

Hi Lionheart,

To my knowledge, there’s not a way to display as you state here, adding in letters to a numeric value (i.e. 1h 30mn), in a report.

However, you can use the computed column function to adjust the decimal to minutes by using the decimal value * 60 (see below) although I’m not sure this will fit your requirement.




Hi Alex,

Thank you very much for your response.
Your tip gives me an idea. It should be possible to do something like :

toString(round(NbHour)) + ‘h’ + toString((mod(NbHour)*60,60)) +‘mn’

but I don’t find yet the function which transforms a number into a string. :slight_smile:

best wishes