Wildlife Direct Observations

I would like to know how to set up a conservation area on SMART which allows users to record wildlife sightings ie: different species and where they were sighted. Can someone help?

Is there a way to set up the conservation area which will allow guests to participate in the data capture process? Essentially we want to allow guests to input animal sightings onto iPads which will be installed on each of our game viewers and allow these to be uploaded onto the main database. We are aiming at involving our guests in the research we are doing so that they feel they are contributing through data capture

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Am thinking of just preparing a separate configurable model that shall have animal sighting option only as only possible observation. possibly to be owned by guides who shall be with the guest.
Here we do road side count and waterhole monitoring, we configured a separate configurable model strictly for this purpose which is owned by research personnel.

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Thank you Shaibu. A sighting only model is what need right now. Did you set up the configuration yourself ? Perhaps we maybe zoom in the next day or two so you could share the set up procedure. I am only familiar with the desktop set up so far but perhaps you could help with mobile

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Yes, I did, let me know when you are ready for the process

Excellent Shaibu. I appreciate your support. I shall be ready for a zoom call tomorrow afternoon. I am currently I South Africa so if 5pm is okay for you tomorrow the that would suit me best. Which Country do you live ?


Okay Mike, I’ll join you at five, Am from Malawi.

Thank you Shaibu. Five tomorrow it is

Am on line Mike, maybe you meant 5 am?

Im sorry man I am sick today so I couldn’t zoom

Wish you quick recovery buddy, get well soon.

What is the current compatibility with iPad?

Can we zoom now? What is the status with IPads?

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SMART Mobile does not work with IPAD yet.

Hi Mike, this can be done using the independent incidents observations. The SMART manual has detailed steps on how to do this. However you must note that this would only be possible using and Android Tablet or mobile device. I am in Belize but if we can coordinate a day to meet via zoom, i could explain in more details.