Yearly running average on report graphs for patrols

Hi everyone.

I want to find out if there is a way to include a running yearly average on patrol graphs in a report. I understand that you specifiy the period when you want the report for (e.g., Dec 1 to Jan 1) but is there way to include data from the last year in this report, or in this specific graph. to display a yearly average as a point of comparison.

Once I have ran the report I will have the total number of patrols for each reserve, and then somewhere in the graph or text below an average for the total number of patrols for the last year, or previous months.

I am looking to do this specifically for number of patrols, distances travelled, and number of patrol hours.

I hope this makes sense.

Thank you.

Hey Alex

Try to create a Multiyear comparison in a single report and see if that helps. Software version is old but the Report concept remains the same

Multi year comparison

Hi @alex

You can use djoachim solution to do that, but only for fix year start.

another way is using different script to @djoachim solution.

For start from 1 January of current year:
BirtDateTime.firstDayOfFiscalYear(params[“Start Date”].value)

For start from last month:
BirtDateTime.addMonth(params[“Start Date”].value,-1)

You can play around with BIRT Functions on expression bulider.
You can play -1 or -2 or any number you need.

This is an example. I compared data this mont to last month of patrol effort.

This is an example, I compared intensity map of this month to this year.

Best Regards

Lili Sadikin


Thanks Denton. Very helpful, should be able to work with this.

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