Ad-hoc kml/kmz as layer to SMART mobile

Hi all,
How about the possibility of ad-hoc, i.e. without previous preparation in SMART Desktop, adding of kml/kmz layers as additional feature to map?
Why this would be needed? Ultimately, so that SMART mobile would be the only mobile app needed for conducting field work.
Specifically, when tracking wild animals by the use of GPS collars, we receive fresh position of some animal and want to go there. We then export the last point and currently use another Android app to import it and display on the map. It would be more efficient if we would be able to import kml or kmz directly into SMART Mobile. This is in line with another highly needed functionality, the retention of data on mobile device.

@josip.kusak Thanks for this suggestion. For the map layers feature, could you please spell this out in more detail at this form (as a feature request): Loading... - Form by Asana

For the retention of data on Mobile device - we’re working to include that in a future version of SMART, ideally sooner rather than later, but will confirm when we’re sure.

Thanks Drew! I was not sure where to address this suggestion. Going to “formalize” this and maybe some other ideas.

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@josip.kusak , this is already a feature on the latest build of SMART Mobile. Check out “Offline maps” from the Settings menu. If you put your layers in a zip file, you can add them directly from there. Documentation here: Offline maps | CyberTracker Wiki.


Great! Thanks Justin!

Well, I ZIP packed one kml file containing only one point, tried adding it it as offline map, but got an error message “Not a map package”. I zip-packed the same kml with two different apps, and got same error. I did not try to pack some shp.

Please send me the package.

hi Justin! Here is the “wrong map file”.
WTR031 SELENA (3.4 KB)

Thanks, this is only an issue on newer Android devices - it works on iOS, MacOS, Windows. Fix in the next build.

Thanks Justin! Why do I always upgrade to the latest version as soon as it is available?

Without people taking the risc to use the newest version nobody would ever be able to find bugs! So really thank you for your great job :clap:

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Thanks Oliver! I cannot help myself. If there is something new, I have to try it. To read instructions or ask for help is the last options, when everything else fails. Therefore, expect from me more challenges!
Stay well,

Could you please try build 450, which just dropped on the app stores?

Note that for single file layers (kml, mbtiles, tpk, vtpk, geojson), you do not need to put it into a zip file first - you can just add the kml file directly.

Hi Justin,
I tried the ver. 450, with the same kml, both unpacked and ZIP packed and it did not work. Sorry!

That’s weird, it works for me with your data file. Are you getting the same error message?

Yes, the behavior and error message are the same.

Could you please send me a bug report?

Hi Justin,
Here is the link (Dropbox - - Simplify your life)
to 531MB large bug report.
Hope it will help!

Thanks. When you use the file picker to find a ZIP or KML file, which folder on your device are you putting it into? I have tried the Downloads folder across numerous devices and it works fine.

Well, I created few subfolder in the Download folder, where i put my custom map files. Now when you asked, I tried from Download folder directly and it went OK! I wonder why it would not go from a subfolder of Download folder or any other non-system folder of Android, i.e. any folder which can be accesses by Android File manager on normal (i.e. non-rooted, not flashed with custom ROM) devices?