Adding topo basemap in SMART desktop and mobile package

I would like to add a topo basemap to a SMART desktop CA for visualization with data for a site in New Zealand. The standard topo map used is the NZ Topo Map (

There is a way to embed this map (Embedded Map Preview - NZ Topo Map).

Is there a way to convert this topo map into a format for adding as a layer to a SMART desktop basemap and/or to a SMART mobile package basemap?

Tony Lynam

@Tony - Just added some guidance on adding a WMS here: Adding a Web Map Service (WMS) map to your SMART basemap and/or SMART Mobile

Do you know if this is available in a WMS format? OR if NZ government has those data available elsewhere? Otherwise, you’re best bet may be to download the topomaps and create a basemap? If they’re fully connected, might be a different pathway…

As is, just the embed code won’t to pull it in.

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Actually - for anyone working in Canada, there are some good ones here: Topographic Data of Canada - CanVec Series - CanVec (Group layer) - Open Government Portal

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If you only need the map in SMART Mobile, GeoTIFF, KML and ESRI formats can be used directly. However, it is generally better to do as Drew mentioned and go through the desktop basemap creation system. That way you have the same map on desktop and mobile.

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@drew.cronin @justinsteventon thanks for the suggestions. For New Zealand we found the Landcare NZ web map service has a good range of layers. For anyone desiring to set up SMART for use in New Zealand, you can find WMS layers for your basemap here Manaaki Whenua's Web Map Services.