Common Issues and workarounds for SMART 7.5.6

Hi everybody,
this is a list of common issues in SMART Desktop 7.5.6, that will be fixed in the next release but for which simple workarounds exists:

1)There is a problem in some of the spanish translation files

Symptoms - When using the application in Spanish you may see an error when viewing patrol observations. The error will report something like this, “unknown format type: numero”

Work Around - The only work around is to set your working language to another language and that should avoid the problem until a fix can be released

  1. Error when creating a new configurable model

Symptoms - When you create a Configurable Data Model using any template (existing or default models) and try to use a tree attributes, you may see an error of: “failed to lazily initialize a collection of role:, could not initialize proxy - no Session”

Work Around - When you create a new configurable model, save it before making any changes. If you save it, then open it and start editing it you should avoid the bug that causes the error

  1. Error can occur for users while upgrading to 7.5.6. Users without a CCAA on their local machine may see issues if other users have run specific queries that group-by an attribute list that has an icon associated with it.

Symptoms - Errors could show while downloading or uploading CAs from a newly upgrade 7.5.6 Connect Server. The typical errors would be the following: “An error occurred during import. The system has been restored to an earlier state.”

Work Around - Download the CCAA from Connect first, then download the CA you are interested which can avoid the problem until a fix is available.

  1. Editing observations from the Patrol Query window on Desktop doesn’t work for tree attributes

Symptom - When using the edit mode in patrol query results, and trying
to edit a tree attribute by using the filter, the tree attributes do not
get selected and observation is not updated.

Workaround - Either don’t use the text filter (which can be challenging
in the case of large trees) OR use the goto function and edit the
observation via the patrol interface instead of the query interface.

As I understand these bugs will be fixed in one the upcoming releases, but we think these workarounds might be helpful to all users using SMART Desktop 7.5.6



Thanks for the update @oadolph ! :smile:

Hola, quería consultar por un problema que se ha reiterado en varias AC que hemos creado aquí en Argentina. Refiere a la opción “Definir limites del Área”, cuando se hace click sobre esa opción, se cierra automáticamente la ventana. Sin permitir agregar ninguna capa al mapa. Uno puede agregar capas de otro manera pero esa opción no es posible.


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Hi Federico

¿Ha definido antes los “Límites del Área de Conservación” (“Conservation Area Boundaries”)? Mira el gif adjunto y/o página 18 del Manual Técnico). Si ya lo ha hecho, ¿puede compartir una captura de pantalla y el registro de errores? Se adjuntan instrucciones sobre el registro de errores:
Cómo crear un Guardar un error log_general.pdf

Have you previously defined the “Conservation Area Boundaries”? See the attached gif and/or see page 18 in the Technical Manual). If you have already done this, can you please share a screenshot and the error log? Instructions on error log attached.
How to create a Save an error log_general.pdf

Buenas tardes, quiero consultar por que al exportar me aparece un error al generar el paquete de patrullaje HTTP 403 Forbidden. Gracias por sus comentarios. Saludos cordiales desde Argentina.

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@LauraA Can you please provide some screenshots and the error log?

Hi Laura,
Any error when you are working with Smart Connect that states something like HTTP error 403 is actually a permission denied issue. Please check the permission of the account on Smart account if it has the correct permissions for the task.

Hola a todos, he procedido a migrar toda las AC de la version 6.3 a la 7.5.6. Estoy teniendo un problema que se esta repitiendo en muchas de las AC, cuando se hace click en la opción “Definir limites del Área”, se abre y cierra automáticamente la ventana (en cuestion de un segundo), lo que no me permite cargar las capas (las capas definidas) y en algunos casos quiero actualizar.

Remito archivo de error extraido del mismo SMART.
Archivo error extraido SMART 7.5.6

Espero me puedan apoyar con este problema.

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Hola Zeveyda,
I will follow up to investigate why this is happening. I suspect it may be related to an issue with the shapefiles being used.

Hello Zeveyda,
Could you try backing up your CA and they restoring it in a new copy of SMART? There are some checks and automatic fixes for corrupt data that get run during the import which could potentially solve this issue if there’s a problem with the existing shapefiles used for boundaries.

If that doesn’t work, it would be easiest to troubleshoot with a copy of the CA that we can log into. If we could arrange to get a copy of the CA or CA export with a desktop login we can use to test, we would be able to troubleshoot further.


Hola Federico, tengo el mismo error. Has logrado solucionarlo?


Thanks for the update

Hi oadolph,

Do we have these issues in a lower SMART 7 version? If we dont, where can we download those versions?


The permissions settings have not changed since the introduction of Smart 7, so you couldn’t fix that by moving to a previous version. Moving backwards might also create bigger problems for you, as there are no tested downgrade paths available.

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Thank you oadolph. Currently, we are using SMART 6.3.0. and we aim to move to SMART 7, but really need to use the app in Spanish. The error about that actually limits viewing patrol observations, or the message just appear with no functional issue?

Hello Zeveyda,
It looks like the issue you reported may be an issue with the Spanish language pack. Can you see if you have the same problem when running SMART in English? A fix for Spanish language pack issues is currently in progress and will be shared once available.

Hola Matt,

Gracias por la indicacion.
Aprovecho para comentarte que el problema solo se da en algunas AC .

Otro problema evidenciado es que estoy tratando de cargar un AC al connect, pero me sale el siguiente mensaje:

El AC no está cargado al connect, por eso nos preocupa está notificación.

Quedo atenta.

Hello Zeveyda,
I’m not sure I understand the issue, but this error message is saying that your AC already exists in SMART Connect, so you can’t upload it to Connect. If you are just trying to sync the changes from Connect, you can go to Connect > Sync all changes to/from Connect. If you want to replace your AC in Connect with the one from your desktop, you will need to first delete the AC in Connect, and you will then be able to upload it from your desktop.

Could you post any new issues in a separate post so it is easier to keep track of them?