Data Queue Errors

I tried to process some queued items on my SMART desktop, but it kept giving an error message: Unable to rollback against JDBC Connection.

I’ve uploaded the error log as well.

ErrorLog.docx (175.4 KB)

This error is indicating a problem with Connecting to your Connect server. This could be a connectivity issue or a problem with your Connect server. Are you able to access Connect by going to Connect > Open Connect Browser?

If your Connect server appears to be working and this issue persists when you have good connectivity, it could be an issue with the link between your desktop and Connect. Double-check your server configuration settings, and you can try getting it back in sync by going to Connect > Replace CA with CA from Connect. If that still doesn’t work, you can try deleting the CA from your desktop and re-downloading it from Connect, and that should take care of it.



Ok I exported local changes and made a backup before I deleted the Conservation Area. I then redownloaded the Conservation Area via Connect. I then downloaded changes from Connect and reuploaded the patrol packages. It seemed to work since I able to process items on the data queue without any error messages appearing.

Thanks a lot!

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