Date format pattern

Hi all,
One little, but annoying feature of SMART Desktop 7.5.2 is that it is not possible to chose anywhere in settings the date format. If query data is exported as *.csv, then date format is only with months as shortened words.

This makes further use of such export rather difficult. How about option in settings to chose date format, or at least that it is the same as format set in operating system?

This is similar to my earlier suggestion to introduce one DateTime field. Such field even appears in some queries as “Last Modified”, still with months written with words, but it shows it is possible to merge date and time in one unique data type determining TIME.


Thanks for the suggestion it has been noted.

We could maybe add an option in the System Preferences on Desktop to allow the user to choose?

This would be good enough to me!
However, since we opened the topic of SMART desktop, I have several other suggestion. I sent them earlier, but I am not sure if those were noted, so here they are again:

Suggestions on SMART Desktop functionality

Waypoint ID within patrol
Please, give back Waypoint ID within patrols
This existed in Summer 2022, but was removed. I like thait Waipoint ID for observations made within patrol have the same pattern as observations recorded as independent incident. within consisting of person initials and time form year to seconds!

This existed at some point (maybe version 6.3), and got lost later. Currently, Waypoint IDs are just sequential numbers

This is introducing inconsistency when observations made within patrols and Independent incidents are pulled by some query.


  1. Format of Date: To match system date (eg.

  2. No time in patrol query field, add the start time and end time of patrols. Ideally to create one DateTime field of format hh:mm:ss
    Explanation: Date and hours are part of one unique piece if information which is TIME, so it should ALWAYS come together as one piece of information. Shape file (for export) does not support DateTime field, but txt field with text in specified format will do the trick.

  3. Code Page of exported queries not matching UTF-8, but also not the Windows Code page.
    SMART Desktop diacritics:

Same data exported as shape file and imported in ArcGIS Pro:

Option to rearrange columns order in Queries