Hola que dsipositivo me recomiendan

Hola que dispositivos me recomiendan para usar SMART Mobile.

Hello, what devices do you recommend to use SMART Mobile?

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This thread may be helpful - Which models of mobile devices are recommended for use with SMART Mobile?



I would avoid blackview. I have had two. They last for a year.

Sorry you had that experience with Blackview We have had probably hundreds of them in the field and they typically work well for several years, even in harsh environments.

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Seconding what @rbergl said - we’ve had very good luck with Blackview models, especially the bv9500 plus.

That said - we have seen also what Diego mentioned. It seems that at that price point, you’re bound to occasionally get a lemon. No actual data here, but 9 out of 10 devices will be fine and one will operate differently…

It’s been harder to find BV9500s lately, so we’ve also been using a lot of the Ulefone Armor 13’s and to a lesser extent the Armor 14’s. The 13 has a 13200 mAh battery, so it’s a great option for places with long patrols away from charging options.

Good luck!