Which models of mobile devices are recommended for use with SMART Mobile?

The SMART Partnership is not associated with any specific Mobile device brand. We have compiled feedback from many users and developed some generic guidance with considerations, where we discuss specific devices here - SMART Partnership Mobile Device Considerations & Guidance

If you are using a device that you would like to recommend to the broader community, let us know! Thanks.


This is such a commonly asked question and the answers to what devices people are using are constantly changing. Please drop in any recommendations about devices you have here…always good to share new devices coming on the market.


I have just recently done a bit of desk testing and (very) limited field testing with the Ulefone Power Armor 14. Can’t speak to its durability/longevity, but it’s at a very good price point and has a big battery (10k mAh). Limited use/testing I’ve done with it has not returned any major issues.


I have the armor x6 as a personal phone. It has a smaller battery but works for SMART. The problems that I have are related to too many apps, limited storage and the SD card. Different apps react differently after adding a SD card and this has become a bit of a struggle as I need to remove the SD card for some apps and add it again for others. All in all a cheap durable device.


We have done testing and had good result with Blackviews (BV6000, BV6800 etc over time) They are good (try actually use the USB-C ports) as they are better over time from longevity. Just make sure you pair them with a power source (way of charging them in the field) but tech advances so quickly there are many devices that do the job well. Rugged and waterproof are always good :slight_smile:


Overall , potential SMART devices fall into about three groups:
-Inexpensive consumer grade Android phones (about USD 200): these are good in that they are cheap to obtain, but may suffer from longevity problems under field conditions.
-Mid-range rugged Android phones.: This includes brands like Blackview, Ulefone, and Cedar/Juniper. These range from about USD 300 to USD 600, depending on options. Typically they have good battery life and are strong enough to survive field conditions. I recommend that you field test each model before you invest in multiple devices, since their implementations of Android, GPS antenna effectiveness, etc. can vary between models a lot.
-Professional grade rugged devices: These are made by manufacturers like Panasonic, Trimble, Juniper Systems and others. Often they are USD 1,500 or more (some are several thousand). These are typically very rugged, well-tested and come with a wide range of accessories. Unlike most Android devices, most of them have replaceable batteries, which can be a big advantage. The devices themselves are usually larger and more industrial looking, which can be both and advantage and a disadvantage.

Hope this helps. Would be keen to hear from others about your experiences with devices.


As a follow-up point, regardless of which device you use, there are a number of Android settings that can be customized to make them work better with SMART Mobile. THis includes things like:
-Activating Developer Mode to allow locking the device to just run SMART Mobile (Kiosk Mode)
-Turning off battery management and power saving to improve track log collection when device is in standby
-Turning off wifi, bluetooth etc to save battery
-Setting GPS to use “Device only” to improve GPS location reception


Android avec hios prend l’applicacation Smart et le blackview

Actualmente estamos usando Smart mobile en equipos black View 4900 pro y 9700pro y no tienen fallas funcionan muy bien…

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