Patrol start and end time in query/report

Please can someone tell me how to generate the simplest of tables showing the very basic info about patrols in the database: patrol ID, start date, start time, end date, end time, patrol leader, duratiom, km covered. I just cannot see how to extract start and end times. I’m sure it’s not so hard!

Just seen another thread that suggests this is not possible? Not sure I can quite believe this! It seems such a fundamental aspect of a patrol and measurement of effort. The start and end times appear on the patrol summary page so they must exist in the database somewhere. How can they not be extracted from the database?! J

Hi Jeremy,
As noted in the other thread, there isn’t a good way to display the start/end times in a table, but you can use them as ‘group by’ values in a summary report. Not having them available as columns for display appears to be an oversight, and I’ve submitted an enhancement request to get this added in a future version of SMART.

Thanks Matt. Is there an appropriate place for users to submit enhancement requests? Or upvote those made by others?

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Hi Jeremy,
You’re in the right place for that. Sharing these kind of ideas in the community forum makes sure that someone from the SMART partnership will see it and go through the proper channels to get it formally submitted as an enhancement request (or bug, as the case may be). It also allows others in the community to provide feedback – maybe they’ve found another way to approach the challenge or they want to share their support for your request. This kind of feedback through the forum is the best way to ‘upvote’ enhancement requests.

As we begin planning each new version of the SMART software, the SMART Partnership reviews any enhancement requests to prioritize what should be included, and this kind of feedback is definitely taken into consideration for understanding what is a priority for the SMART community.



Hi all,
Adding to this topic. I encountered the same “feature” (missing time). My suggestion was and still is to introduce new type of field: “DateTime”. This would enable at once the full determination of TIME, starting form millennium and down to minute (second?).


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