Reports not loading on Connect

Hi community,

I just finished my first report on the desktop; it is working well. However, I cannot see it in my Connect. The queries are all there. As the image below shows, I can run queries through Connect, but reports do not load. Can anyone shed some light on it, please? Thank you!


Please take a look at the filter icon in the top right corner of the report pane and change some settings there to see if they appear.
Your workflow import might be successful but if it the incidents are test data and no information has been added then the content might not appear in the list.


Thank you for your response, padma.

Unlike the Queries section, where I can see all my queries, the report doesn’t load anything. I only see ‘loading’ and I can’t change any settings.


Hi @albert.aguiar - can i get the Server url that you are connecting to for SMART Connect?

Sure padma,


Hi Albert

Can you let me know if the reports run on the desktop? Trying to check if the report runs on the desktop but fails on SMART Connect.

Hi Padma,

Yes, the report runs perfectly on the desktop, it only fails in Connect. The queries, on the other side, run in both.

Thank you for keeping on.

Maybe a silly question, but have you made sure to run the “Connect” “sync all changes…” command after making your report changes and saving it?

Hi Jeffloun,

I did run all the sync changes, more then once, even checking some queries modifications, as well. Thanks!

Seems like you can’t even get the list of reports on Connect right? Did you try logging out and back into Connect?

If it consistently does this, there is probably a server error happening that might tell you more information on why that you need server access to look into.

Maybe @jsimfukwe can look at the logs on this server at some point?

Hi Albert,

We’ve checked on the server side and rerun the update script to help resolve the issue. Please confirm if you are able to successfully run your reports on your Connect server.



Hi James, thank you for your support.

It doesn’t work, however. I can run the reports on the desktop, and it works well - the same for queries. Queries are working in Connect, but reports are not loading yet. I synched everything already.

This may also be a silly question, but does your Connect user account have the relevant permissions to view and run reports on Connect?

Hi rbergl,

Yes, I am running it as an administrator, all the roles are allowed.

Hi Albert,

We did an investigation on your server activity. It looks like there is incomplete upload. I’d suggest deleting the CA from connect and re-uploading it. Once completed, please try to run the queries.


Hello James,

I just deleted the CA from Connect and uploaded it again from the desktop. I can run queries, but my reports are still missing. I recorded my screen to demonstrate it.

Thank you!

Hi Albert,

We’ve tested this and are currently in touch with the developers to look into the issue and figure out what is causing the issue. Please wait for feedback.
Thanks in advance for your patience.


Thank you for keeping up with me, James. I will wait for it.

Hi Albert,

We’ve shared a workaround for this problem. Check this topic out for the fix.



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