SMART Connect alert from Global Forest Watch

Is there a way to link Global Forest Watch, fire web data to SMART Connect, as I want to receive from my SMART Connect: let say, I have already others types of alert on my SMART CONNECT, I want to add fire points from GFW among them.


Hello Aristide,
You can find information on pulling GFW alerts into Connect in the attached powerpoint. Additional information for integrating GFW map layers into desktop SMART can be found here:

An improved integration through SMART Integrate will be available in SMART 7. Let me know any questions you have.


GLAD-SMART Integration Manual_SMARTforum.pptx (3.7 MB)

There are challenges with the approach in the above PDF, so it best to focus on the approach with SMART 7 and Integrate

Looking forward on GFW integration in SMART and it will be great if there is a manual or guide about it.

Thanks for sharing this. I will look through it. Again, Thanks.