SMARTMOBILE 1.0.427 don´t detect files


Testing smartmobile 1.0.427 i noted that don´t recognize the patrol package exported from smart desktop 7.5.2 or 6.3.
But in smartmobile 1.o.420 and 1.0.385 works perfectly.
I did the test in different smartphone Xiaomi 11t PRO, Samsung J5 prime, Redmi note 8T and Samsung tab A7.
In all i test the 3 version of smartmobile with the same result.
Smartmobile 1.0.427 download from playstore
Anyone have same problem?

Hello Jorge,
Do you get any sort of error or warning message when you do the export?

Hi there,

385 is required for SMART 6.3.

420 and 427 should be identical for this and and require SMART 7.5.


Hi Justin:
I used the version that you mentioned.
The issue is only with 427.

HI Matt:
Not appear error or warning. The app works likes is looking for package and no appear in mobile 427, but the same patrol package in the same smartphone works fine in version 425 and 385

This is most likely a false negative. Nothing changed in that path since 420, so it could be something to do with Windows and the USB cable. Could you double check please?

I have the same problem.
smart mobile v. > 385 does not find raid packages. Only on some smartphones I was able to install newer versions of the program. In our opinion, this is related to program permissions. In particular, permission to install from an unknown source. This permission setting is available only in some versions of Android.

Hi Volodomir

Which model of cell phone are you using?

I used all kinds of phones. So far, only Ulefon armor WT3 and xiaomi redmi 7a work with the new version.
In particular, we received 42 Blackview bv4900 and bv4900pro phones (two weeks ago) from the Support to nature protected area project and the Frankfurt Zoological Society. I also could not install the latest available version of smart 1.0.430 on them either. The program simply does not find my package in the download folder. Removed 430, put 385 and my package was found immediately.
I use Smart 7.4.1 to create packages.

How do you even export the packages its giving me some headache

Due to the fact that we have many phones (50 pcs.), I download the configuration data model to the phones as follows:

  1. I create a package
  2. upload to Google Drive
  3. I download the package from Google Drive (it appears by default in the phone memory/downloads folder)
  4. Click Smart Desktop on the phone

It is here, at step 4, that the problem is with new versions of smart (>385). When pressed, nothing happens. Older versions install the raid pack successfully.

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Hi all,

Here is the guidance in the SMART Mobile manual for how to do this - General usage | CyberTracker Wiki

Let us know if you are still having problems.



Dear All,

I meet that problem too with SMART Mobile version 434. It doesn’t work with patrol package export to file. It shows a message: " Invalid Package". And it works when I change to “export to device” or “export to connect”. I export the patrol package from SMART desktop version 7.5.3.

Best regards,

Hi Rachana,

Sorry for the delay. At what stage are you getting the error, immediately on export or when trying to import to Mobile?

FYI, to get the Mobile package to load into Mobile you need to make sure you put it in the following directory on the device: Android\data[](\files?

If the issue is with the export itself, perhaps we can check / change the export location, given that it is working fine when exported to device…



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Hi Alex, thank you. It works now.