Source code and Server integration


I heard SMART is supposed to be open source, but I can’t find source code. Does anyone know where is it?

And, does anyone know if it is possible to run SMART in a server in order to all users are connected to the same server with the same information? Or do we must use SMART connect? It would be great if database could be filled through an API…

Thanks in advance.



SMART Connect is a server product that can be run in the Cloud or on premise. Over 90% of Connect deployments use our free hosted service, that includes enhance monitoring, the secure that comes with Microsoft Azure hosting and a number of other benefits. We’re reviewing our on premise installation documentation and will share an update on this shortly.

Once you have SMART Connect installed, you have access to the APIs. We need to find a better long term home but currently the API documentation can be found here:

Source code can be found here: Source | SVN | Assembla