Various questions about integrations

Interested in integrating SMART data including understanding SMART APIs. Three FAQs are below:

How do I integrate Global Forest Watch and other event data (e.g. from sensors)
As we roll out the latest version of SMART 7, we’ll be providing details about how Connect users can better integrate Global Forest Watch data together with data from 50 plus field sensors.

Where do I find the source code and details about APIs
API documentation can be found here

Source code can be found here: Source | SVN | Assembla
See here for a more detailed response.

Is it possible for programmers outside of the partnership to create a script that will integrate SMART into larger security systems?
The best approach is:

  1. Create the queries with the data you want to share. You should create dedicated queries for this, as you don’t want them to be edited in error because someone is also using them in a report.
  2. Share this with a security token using connect (this creates an API for the other system)
  3. Have the developers of this system read from the SMART API.
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