"Unable to acquire JDBC Connection error"

Hi all

I’m doing an upgrade and database refresh. This is one park with multiple stations that is not using connect. Each of the stations send exported patrols to one main station for report generation.

I was just informed that one of the station’s databases is getting that JDBC error message:

“Could not connect to the database. Check that another instance of SMART is not running and try again. org.hibernate.exception.GenericJDBCException: Unable to acquire JDBC Connection”.

I saw this addressed in another forum post (HERE) and it looks like we may have a similar issue. The error log is saying, “Caused by: ERROR XJ004: Database './data\database\smartdb' not found.” Per the ranger - they don’t recall making any changes - one day it was working, the next it wasn’t. Error log is attached.

Unfortunately, I can’t start over from scratch, as it looks like they don’t have a backup, so they stand to lose the patrols if we can’t find them. I’m guessing they’re present somewhere in the SMART folder, but not sure where to look?

Any ideas?

Naukluft Error Log.txt (1002.3 KB)

I believe if you go to


you will find the archive of patrol backups. You can import these via “Import mobile data” if you have a copy of the CA somewhere.


Hi all - thanks @rbergl for the suggested solution here. It worked!

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