Welcome to the SMART Community Forum! Please introduce yourself

Hello everyone,
My name is Andrés Calderón and I am looking for support training in a SMART tool in Colombia. Our proyect is about conectivity corridor. Regards

Hello everyone, I am Shedrick E. Smith from Liberia, i work for the Society for the Conservation of Nature of Liberia (SCNL) one of the leading national Civil Society organizations working in the conservation sector as the Data management Officer. We started using SMART for the community Ecoguard patrols since 2020 with external expertise, however, I have developed a very strong interest in mastering this application, as our technical advisor will shortly be leaving. So, I am very happy to be here and hope to benefit from you as a community.

I am Nchanji Roland, the Assistant Biomonitoring Office for WCS Tamkamanda-Mone Landscape Project in Cameroon. I am new in the field of SMART technilogy and i beleif this is an opportunity for me to excel and gain expertise from this great team. Takamanda-Mone habours a sub population of Cross River Gorillas which were declayed endangered by the IUCN. A series of projects have been geared towards the conservation of this flagship species and in my capacity as a Biomonitoring Assistant, it is my responsibility to have a day to day data or information about the ecology and behavior of this species. Having skills in SMART technology will act as a tool towards the sustainable conservation of this species.
I remain very commited to collaborate with each and every one in the forum.