Solution for JSON Error parsing feature information (Feature will not be processed): NULL

Dear colleagues

I’m having a problem with a JSON file from SMART Mobile, which is experiencing ERROR PARSING FEATURE INFORMATION (FEATURE WILL NOT BE PROCESSED): NULL when imported into SMART Desktop.

Based on my communication with Emily Gouge (one of the SMART developers), it was explained that there were a lot of missing lines in my JSON file.

The solution to this problem can be solved with the help of Emily (thanks Emily).
I also made a short tutorial to solve the problem. Hopefully this tutorial can help colleagues who are having the same problem as me.

Lili Sadikin

SMART Mobile problem solving ERROR PARSING_eng.pdf (2.0 MB)

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Hi Lili,

Thanks for sharing!


Hi Lili,
Would it be possible to get a bug report from SMART Mobile on that device?

Hi Justin

I’m so sorry, the device is on the field until end of this month.

Hi Justin

here the link of bug report

Hi all,
I encountered a different issue with that same error message, so I wanted to share the resolution. Similar to Lili’s issue we got the ’ ERROR PARSING FEATURE INFORMATION (FEATURE WILL NOT BE PROCESSED): NULL’ warning message when importing data (SMART 6.3). In this case, there wasn’t any information missing from the JSON files (the PatrolID and other data were all correct).

To correct my issue, I had to split up each JSON file into smaller files using a similar process to what Lili outlined. For each patrol, I first created a file that was just the Patrol Start, and I was able to process that to create the patrol. I was then able to process the rest of the data for each patrol as separate files.

This particular issue will be fixed in SMART 7.


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